Kersten started with activities in the automotive sector as part of its main department store in the center of Paramaribo. In 1937 the department transformed into a company. The main brand at the time was Chrysler. In the years that followed the company managed to grow significantly by obtaining new dealerships for renowned brands. On January 1st, 1999 CKC Motors N.V.
(now Kersten Motors N.V.) was established and in 2002 the renowned Toyota brand was acquired. In 2018 CKC Motors underwent a rebranding and changed its name to Kersten Motors.

Kersten Motors has a total of 6 departments which all contribute to your mobility needs.
• Sales
• Service
• Parts
• Rental (Hertz) and Lease
• Bodyshop
• Customization

Our skilled sales team can offer high quality, durable and reliable products specified to each individual client while keeping in mind, lowest cost of ownership and highest re-sale value. We have a wide range of commercial and Passenger Vehicles that meet your business or private needs.

We offer:
• Test drives for most of our models (on location of choice)
• Factory Customization (e.g. interior and exterior colors, seat fabrics, wheels, vehicle grade)
Trade-In of your current vehicle (does not matter if purchased at Kersten MOtors and does not matter which brand)
• Financing options via commercial banks as welll as internally
• Lease and Rental contracts
• Used Vehicle Sales (ex. Leaase, Rentals and Trade-Ins)
• Local Vehicle Customization (e.g. mine compliance, off-road equipment, special designs/prints)

Service at its most precise and customized to each client.
Our certified service department has highly skilled mechanics who regularly receive training from Toyota and General Motors. Using the latest technologies and expertise we can assure you that your vehicle is in expert hands. We offer the strongest warranty support of 3 years or 10.000km on not only maintenance but also repair jobs. Our mechanics work on all Toyota’s, Mitsubishi’s and Chevrolet’s, even those not purchaed at Kersten Motors.

Our parts department provides clients with quality genuine parts and is also able to advise on use and aftercare, guaranteeing the best quality price ratio. Genuine parts will perform as intended and maintain the overall value of your vehicle. Using genuine parts increases the re-sale value and life-span of your vehicle.

Our trained staff has access to manufacturers vehicle information and know exactly what is best for your vehicle. We can provide parts that are not in stock or that are not part of our product range, but do comply with our quality standards. For our corporate clients we are able to provide stock management which is also part of our fleet management service.

We are the official HERTZ dealer in Suriname. Hertz is a global car rental company which has been providing quality car rental services for over a century. We can provide you with a variety of vehicles that fit your needs. Even Mine Compliant vehicles are available. Besides short term rental we also offer long term deals and Lease for clients with various objectives.

Our bodyshop delivers touch up services for your vehicles such as paint jobs, tinting, polishing and much more. Having an in house bodyshop provides us with extreme flexibility in our service to our clients.

At Kersten Motors we have the unique ability to customize vehicle in-house. Wheter it’s a new or used vehicle or a vehicle not purchased at Kersten Motors, we can customize it!

We offer 3 main categories:
• Mine Compliance
• Off-road Development
• Detail Customization

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